Rental investment

What does
it involve ?

Buy-To-Let Investment consists of buying a property to rent it out. Depending on the project, it may be a building, a commercial space, a car park, student accommodation, etc.

The objectives are numerous and differ depending on the investor's profile: to generate an immediate additional income, to benefit from a tax reduction/tax exemption, to secure capital for retirement, to diversify investments, and in all cases to build up property assets that can be passed on.

Established on an experience of more than two hundred projects carried out since its foundation, Smart Invest advises its clients throughout the process and provides a complete turnkey rental investment service.

Our turnkey solution

01 Study of your project

During this initial, essential phase, we analyse your needs together and propose a tailor-made offer that takes into account your budget, your personal medium and long-term objectives, your tax situation, your debt capacity, etc.

02 Research
and purchase

This approach is totally personalised and answers all the questions before the project: are you going to rent furnished? or not? To set up an SCI, a family LLC? Buying in a new buiding to maximize your tax? Declare in LMP? In LMNP?

03 Renovation
and furnishing

Smart Invest takes charge of managing the work to be carried out before the property is rented out: selection of companies, negotiation of quotes, complete monitoring of the work and acceptance of the site. We have completed more than 250 renovations of studios and flats since our inception, ranging from simple clean-ups to complete renovations.

This experience ensures quality work and, above all, work that is adapted to your project. Our criteria: sustainable work that maximises your rental return.

04 Leasing

The rental management division of Smart Invest takes care of the rental of your property. We do not use an external service provider who does not know you.

Our Rental Management team manages all of our investors’ properties, taking care of all the stages of the rental process: professional photo shoots of your property, placing the advert online on several media such as SeLoger, Logic-Immo, Belles Demeures, visits, study of applications, drawing up of the lease contract and guarantee documents, setting up of the guarantee for non-payment of rent, if necessary, depending on the owner’s choice, and the inventory of fixtures on arrival. As soon as the tenant is in place, we also offer rental management of your property throughout the year.

The advantage of trusting us with your property is the certainty of having a manager who knows it better than anyone else, having been involved in its acquisition and renovation. The follow-up will be all the more scrupulous and qualitative.

Advice & Benefits

Rental investment is a way of building up a long-term asset base, with a higher return than stock market savings products, while remaining a safe investment. It is the ideal investment to anticipate the future and generate additional income for retirement. Provided that you optimise the tax system by using the tax advantages linked to rental investment, make use of the leverage effect of the loan, and manage your assets well by maximising the rental profitability. We will support you at every stage of this process.


Tax aspects of real estate investment are crucial and will have a significant impact on your profitability. We advise you on how to optimise your tax situation according to your profile and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with this type of investment.


Without having particularly high resources, the leverage effect of the loan makes it possible to create significant property assets over time, with a reduced savings effort. The historically low interest rates are an additional advantage. A first well managed rental investment offering a good return often allows you to move on to a new project.


One of the safest financial investments, rental investment is a way to build up wealth almost entirely financed by credit. You don’t have to be rich to get started.

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